DP-NE30 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor



  • Easy operation: Large screen touch color LCD, easy to operate.
  • Accurate: Providing sable automatic control system.
  • Temperature control: Customized cracking and elution temperature system.

  • Free programming: Flexible programming to meet different reagents requirements.
  • Rapid extraction: 32 Samples/30-60mins/test.
  • High purification: Purified DNA/RNA, can be used by PCR and RT-PCR Directly.

  • Easy maintenance: Built-in UV disinfection system, UV disinfection can be carried out regularly.
  • Zero cross pollution: Self-cleaning function, disposable sampler.
  • Open machine: Use for various nucleic acid extraction reagents.


The volume of processing 20uL-1000uL
Magnetic bead recovery efficiency >95%
The board type 96-well deep hole board
Purification sensitivity The positive detection rate of 102 copies /mL > 95%
Difference between purification holes CV≤3%
The heating temperature Optional heating module to achieve cracking heating (room temperature to +80°C) and elution heating (room temperature to +80°C)
Oscillation hybrid Multi-modes optional
Magnetic beads size >1um
Reagent type Magnetic bead method open platform
The internal program Built-in 15 groups of mode programs (storage > 500 groups of programs)
Program management Create, edit, and delete mode programs
Ultraviolet irradiation Support
Network control Extensible Ethernet remote control

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