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Breaking News | Dymind has completed round B financing

date:2018-06-08 Hits:303

In the Spring of 2018, while the 79th CMEF was in full swing, Dymind announced a breaking news which about the completion of Round B financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Sequoia Capital China and Jinyuan Kuntong Fund. This is the second heavyweight partner of Dymind after the May 2016 bio-generator and May 2017 Yuansheng venture capital investment. This strategic investment will bring the new excellent chapter to the development history of Dymind!

Mr. Zhai, the President of Dymind claimed: “It is our great privilege to have reached a strategic investment agreement with Sequoia Capital China and Jinyuan Kuntong Fund. Sequoia Capital China has many successful investment cases in the capital field before, such as Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Oracle etc., and this time I believe Sequoia Capital China will provide strong capital and resources support for the future development of Dymind. After this financing, we will continue to increase our investment in R&D and marketing, further expand the market share of Dymind in the hematology analyzer field, and enrich new products such as high-end hematology and immunity to create better investment profit for our investors!”

Mr. Lu Xiaobo, the partner of Sequoia Capital China expressed: “The medical device industry is an area that we have always focused on, and the field of in-vitro diagnostics is one of the important directions that we hope to deploy. The main logic of Sequoia Capital China in Chinese medical investment is to help the enterprises which have the potential to become a leader in the sub-division field. Dymind has carried out many technological and product innovations in the hematology test industry. It depends on technological innovation and high-quality products to gradually become one of the leading companies in the hematology test field. We are quite optimistic about the future development of Dymind. ”

The vice president of Jinyuan Kuntong Fund Hao Bixi indicated: “Based on the confidence of Dymind's team and products, the JIN YUAN KUN TONG fund has reached a strategic cooperation with Dymind in 2017. This strategic investment in Dymind will further enforce the foundation for cooperation between Dymind and Jinyuan Kuntong Fund. We are really like to see the rises of the national medical devices brands, and we will get together to reach future common development.”


From 2018, based on the strategic investment of Sequoia Capital China Fund and Jinyuan Kuntong Fund, Dymind will embark on a more rapid development path. By increasing the investment in R&D to strengthen the influence of the brand and further expand the market share in the hematology field. Through continuously enrich the test line to make contributions to national medical device industry!

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