Development HistoryDymind Development Path

Development History


2012 – Jan. 2013: Established in Shenzhen noted as the "Land of Innovation" in 2012-2013

(6 team members)

Launched the first DH56 5-part hematology analyzer in 2014

successively Launched DH76/DH36/DF50/D5-CRP successively in 2015
Became a national high-tech enterprise in 2015
Won the honorary title of "Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Manufacturer" granted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China in 2015

Obtained the funding for innovation and development in Shenzhen in 2016
Established an experimental base with Southern Medical University and Shenzhen University in 2016
Set up the Dymind scholarship with the Chongqing Medical University in 2016
Rated as one of China's Top 10 brands of outstanding hematology analyzer in
Achieved a strategic cooperation with the listed Ningbo MedicalSystem in 2016
Launched DH73, D7-CRP and DF50VET in 2016
Set up the scholarship with the Medical School of Zhengzhou University in 2016
Accepted an interview with the CCTV-2 Finance Channel in 2016
Products were exported to more than 70 countries and regions in 2016
Won bidding with 80 units' hematology analyzer at Longgang District Shenzhen in 2016

Bioventure became a shareholder
at the beginning of 2017

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