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Warm numerous households with kindness, popularize health concept in China

Charityspreads far and wide. Dymind Biotech donated the 5-part hematology analyzers worth 580 thousand yuan to China Charity Federation.

The Public Charity Symposium, themed as "warm numerous families with kindness, popularize health concept in China", was held by China Charity Federation in Beijing on July 30.Gu Xiulian, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress; Wang Shufeng, standing vice chairman of the China Charity Federation; Zhao Zilin, former director of the Planning and Finance Division of the Ministry of Health and chairman of the China Association of Medical Equipment; major general Zhang Donghui, former director of the Department of Political Science of PLA Academy of Military Science and honorary presidentof The World Chang Clan Gala Dialogue Session; chairman Zhao Zhangshan and vice president Cheng Quan of the Research Institute of Contemporary Pension Industry of the Ministry of Civil Affairs; and Wang Dongsheng, director of the Social Development Division of the National Development and Reform Commission and vice chairman of the China Association of Medical Equipmenttook part in this symposium.

Dymind is honored to be invited to participate in this symposium and become the only medical device enterprise taking part in the donation. Dymind have voluntarily donated hematology analyzers worth 580 thousand yuan to the Public Charity Medicaid organized by China Charity Federation. Dymind's instruments will be put in use in the hospitals for medical assistance to improve hospital treatment conditions and benefit patients coming to seek medical advice.

【Dymind's representative – Key Account manager Zeng Juan】

【Group photo of the symposium】

【Zhao Zilin, chairman of the China Association of Medical Equipment is delivering a speech】

Zhao Zilin, chairman of the China Association of Medical Equipment, particularly mentioned Dymind in his speech at the symposium that as an outstanding domestic medical device enterprise, Dymind has always been concerned for charity and supportting medical assistance charity project. Meanwhile, Dymind awarded for calligraphers who offered valued pieces of calligraphy as a distinguished guest. In this Charity in Beijing, Dymind has deeply felt the great kindness of the leaders and the significant responsibilityfor charity, and has determined to carry forward charity.

The Public Charity Medicaid Symposium was held at the China Hall of Science and Technology in the afternoon. Two instruments of Dymind – 5-part auto hematology analyzers and mini 5-part auto hematology analyzers – were determined to be listed into the Product Directory for Public Charity Medicaid.

【Charity donation site】

【Photo taken at the signature board】

【Group photo of Dymind's representative, chairman Zhao Zilin and vice chairman Wang Dongsheng of the China Association of Medical Equipment】

Gratefulness makes an enterprise powerful and promising. Dymind always insists on creating value in constant innovation to make contributions to the society. Charity is also the practice of Dymind's contributions to the society. As the saying goes, a drop of water cannot make a sea, and a tree cannot make a forest. Dymind also hopes that more caring enterprises can join the charity to warm numerous families with kindness!

Dymind Public welfareDymind Public welfare

Student aid activities in poor areas

Dymind is committed to becoming an excellent enterprise that creates value and makes contributions to the society, and practices public welfare undertakings with broad and profound compassion, while focusing on the innovation of cutting-edge products in the industry. Dymind helps the underprivileged children in Tibet complete their studies through tuition funding, provides poor people with clothes through clothes donation, improves the basic medical construction of villages and township through instrument donation, and calls for public participation in low-carbon activity through beach cleaning and sea preservation. Each action is a small step in Dymind's practice of public welfare undertakings. Dymind call for more enterprises and individuals to participate in public welfare. A journey of a thousand miles may not be achieved without accumulation of each single step. Let us spread broad and profound love all over the world for a wonderful future!

beach cleaning and sea protection activity

Dymind biotech together with the Giving Tree voluntary organization and Tencent voluntary organization was joined the beach cleaning and sea protection activity in 11th June. The burning sun and burning beach makes the activity harder, but everyone was participated in the activity with passion and fearless under the high temperature, and completed this voluntary activity smoothly.

Each group was collected as much as 100 kilograms of garbage according to incomplete statistics. These garbages have been detail classified. National environmental protection association and relevant supervise department will take the corresponding measures to against environmental pollution by the data from the Giving Tree voluntary organization. The activity of beach cleaning and sea protection is not only to pick up the garbage, but also called for more company and individuals involved. If you throw the garbage for convenience may cause the life of marine creature. So our Dymind appeal more people and company to join in the environmental public welfare. The less garbage, the beautiful earth is.

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