Training & DevelopmentTraining Development

Dymind attaches great importance to the common growth and development of employees and the Company, and considers training as one of the effective ways to ensure the growth and development of employees, so as to provide employees with a wide range of training opportunities and development space. The Company believes that sound training system can not only cultivate first-class talents for Dymind, but also pave the way for personal career development of the employees. The Company hopes that each Dymind staff member will grow rapidly at work and will contribute wisdom to the Company while gaining the development of his career through constant training and development in the aspects of Dymind culture, professional skills, professionalism, etc.

Training Category and ContentTraining Category & Content

Pre-job Training:

Referring to targeted training for the newly recruited employees so that they can have a more comprehensive understanding of the Company in a short period of time and can rapidly adapt to their jobs.

Professional Training:

Referring to the training for the purpose of enhancing the professional skills of professional technicians. Training contents: production technology, sales skills, information system operations, safe operation specifications, theoretical knowledge of the product and other professional trainings.

Special Training:

Referring to the training on the latest enterprise management system, policies and issues, the latest national policies, laws and regulations, etc. Training contents: update of corporate rules and regulations, update and operations of the information system, the latest laws and regulations as well as national policies, and other relevant contents.

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