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Dymind's Talent Concept:

Corporate reputation is established by human beings, and miracles of enterprise development are also created by human beings. Therefore, talents are equivalent to capital. Taking talents as the first element of the enterprise capital is the consistent strategy of Dymind's appointment of talents. "Human potential is infinite, and the source of the potential is derived from the spiritual realm of man." Paying attention to the talents is the absolute principle of the enterprise's sustainable development. Therefore, our outlook on talents is as follows:

People-oriented and making the best use of ability.

Compensation and benefitsCompensation & Benefits


● The Company provides employees with competitive remuneration in the industry.
● The Company provides annual bonuses based on the employee performance and the operating condition of the company.
● The Company and employees share the growth benefits of the company and implement the option plan for the core backbones.

Related welfare:

● Well-established "Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund" system
● The Company organizes free physical examination and trip every year to protect the physical and mental health of employees.
● Organize a variety of recreational activities: badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, soccer and climbing.
● Provide work meal supplement
● Eight-hour shift system and various statutory holidays

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