Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

Shenzhen Dymind Biotechnology Co., Ltd has an equipment manufacturing center covering an area of over 3,000m2 and an independent reagent manufacturing center covering an area of over 2,500m2. The reagent manufacturing center includes the ISO Class 8 production workshops and ISO Class 7 (ISO Class 5 in partial) test rooms such as positive control room, sterility test room, microbial limit test room, etc.

Dymind Biotech is committed to continuous and stable delivery of high-quality, consistent and reliable products in strict accordance with the medical device regulations and quality system, such as GB YY/T 0287, EU MDD93/42/EEC, EU IVDD 98/79/EC, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, etc., to ensure that every link of product manufacturing is under standardized control. In addition, Dymind has introduced scientific precision quality management method, and has established a sound product quality control and improvement system from the overall process of the product's NPI to EOL, has implemented each manufacturing process and has achieved effective tracing of critical components relying on the end-to-end manufacturing traceability information system.

Dymind implements effective 5S management, visual management and abnormal management on the site, and is committed to creating visual and transparent plants. The ERP system has been fully put into use. Dymind strives to create a lean, agile and flexible supply chain management system through constant practice of lean production methods and continuous improvement.

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